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Annual Shut-Down

April 17, 2012 - 3:49pm

Well, it’s coming up to our annual shut-down and the manufacturing slots that are
available before we close are starting to fill up. This year we are closing on Tuesday the 8th of May and won’t be re-opening until Tuesday 17th June. We usually close for a month but this year we are catching two aikido seminars on either side of this so we will actually be closed for 6 weeks!

If you are hoping to order soon then bear in mind that we generally have a 10 day lead time for making up mattresses and futons, with a further few days for co-ordinating a delivery, and as we approach our shut-down we usually get a rush of orders. If you don’t need something so soon then it can be worth putting in an order before we close (or by email while we are closed) so that your item is already booked into our manufacturing schedule, as we will have another big rush of orders when we re-open. For orders placed in this way we wouldn’t expect the normal 20% deposit to be paid until we return.

Between the 8th of May and 17th of June both the workshop and the shop will be completely closed and we won’t be taking messages from our answer phone as we will be out of the UK and heading South for some Mediterranean camping! However we will be picking up emails where we can so do contact us this way if you need to. We do feel very lucky to be able to take a such long holiday, but we really do need a break every year to recuperate from 11 months of heavy, physical work making mattresses and futons!