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Watch this space for recent finds, special offers, seasonal suggestions and more Dojo products, we’ve got lots more ideas for our own handmade goods.

This has turned out to be rather a long list, which isn’t surprising since this is where we started out in 1990-making things to sleep on! Then we just kept on adding products as people kept asking for them. We’ve put mattresses, bedding, bedlinen and blankets here. We’ve also included futons as so many of our customers use our full thickness futons to sleep on all the time rather than as an occasional bed. In this country we don’t tend to give enough thought to what we sleep on and we’ve sourced much of our bedding from Germany where the mattress is often only seen as part of the bedding ‘system’.

By the time you’ve considered mattresses, underlays, overlays and protectors you might be thinking of the princess and the pea...But think again and you realise it makes a lot of sense, a good mattress is a big investment and will last a long time and a simple cotton mattress protector is easy to take off and pop in the washing machine compared to trying to get a mattress cleaned.

“I came in a couple of weeks ago and bought a mattress pad - very impressed, bed now too warm and soft to want to get out off...and the cat loves it!”

"Mattresses delivered on time. Incredible service. Very impressed. And I love them. Just perfect. And having now slept on one, enjoyed the best nights sleep in years! I will definitely buy from you again and will be highly recommending your company to my friends. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

"Thank you very much for making the most comfortable futon I’ve ever slept on! Having wonderful nights sleeps...."

3 Bags Full

A couple of years ago we were talking to some organic farmers and were shocked to find that the wool from their organic sheep was worth so little that they were having to add it to ordinary wool bales and sell it as non organic in order to get some money for it, and even then it was virtually not worth the cost of shearing. It seemed such a waste of a wonderful resource- a sustainable, versatile, pure, local product, naturally and ethically reared and with a tradition of use going back hundreds of years. It was from this conversation that 3 Bags Full was born.

Our 3 Bags Full range is made in Manchester using the simplest of ingredients-unbleached organic cotton and organic British wool. Add our 17 years of manufacturing experience and a wide selection of coloured and textured fabrics and the possibilities are endless. We've chosen a core group of designs that have always been popular, but we can easily make up to different shapes and sizes. All are available with removable covers, the cost depends on the fabric you choose.

Lots of lovely stuff for the bath or shower. Remember to check the sizes when comparing towels as terms like ‘shower towel’ aren’t the same across different suppliers (yes, it confused us too)
Futons led to mattresses, mattresses to bed linen, bed linen to towels and towels to soap...People used to wonder why a bed shop was selling soap, but at the same time they really liked the locally made, organic soap we were stocking, and asked for more bodycare products too. We've always used natural and organic bath stuff having suffered from eczema and sensitive skin, so we've chosen products we know and love, old favourites, great new ones, and customer recommendations. So if there's something you'd like to see on our shelves let us know.
Eco Home
Everything for your eco home that isn't Sleep, Bath or 3 Bags Full...
We haven’t got much of a garden at Dojo. We are pretty much in the centre of Manchester. We just had enough space to dig out a 40cm strip at the back next to the car park. But it’s a really precious space, and it wasn’t long before we had butterflies, ladybirds and a blackbird and wren as a cheerful change to all those pigeons. So our greener gardening goods reflect our own experience, things that work well in the city as well as the country. We’ve got recycled planters if all you have is a tiny balcony, and this year we’ve got organic herb and veg seeds too.
Our own child and baby mattresses made with organic and natural materials, together with cosy and pure organic bedding has got to be the natural choice for a good night's sleep. We have also sourced some wonderful wooden and textile toys - great for kids of all ages!
Yoga and Shiatsu
Most of the products in this section are made in our workshop from organic and recycled materials. We have supplied students, practitioners and schools of shiatsu, yoga, meditation, thai massage and other bodywork therapies, including European school of Shiatsu, British School of Shiatsu, Manchester Yoga Shala and The Manchester Buddhist centre since 1990, and are happy to advise you on appropriate products or make up to your specifications.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great quality shiatsu mat and yoga bolster which I received from you a couple of weeks ago. I used it on my first client this week and it was perfect - the right size, weight and level of comfort for my client, without being too bulky for me to work around! All in all a great product - and I will be recommending you to my fellow therapists!"

Hats and Bags
Maybe this section should have been called bags and hats since at the moment we have lots more bags than hats! However, come autumn I think we will have evened up the balance a bit, just when it’s needed. Lots of the bags here are designed to encourage ditching plastics in favour of something sustainable, non-toxic and truely degradable.



Many of the eco products throughout this site make great gifts for kids and grown ups. Have a look at some of the toys (in the Kids section where there’s stuff for all ages), garden things, appropriately in Garden, towels and bodycare in Bath and Body, and all sorts of lovely ideas in Eco Home, from locally made candles to gorgeous fleeces.

But actually, this section is really for our eco gift boxes. We have been making up gift ‘boxes’ for customers informally so we thought it would make sense to chose some favourite items and put them together into a selection of unique eco gift boxes. Coming soon - we are just getting the packaging sorted out...

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