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Annual Shutdown

March 29, 2011 - 11:16pm
Tavira Trains

We are rapidly heading towards our annual May shutdown. This year we have two other closures that are bookending our big shutdown - Easter before it and an Aikido seminar at the end. This means we will be closing on Wednesday the 20th of April and won’t be re-opening until Friday the 3rd of June. We aren’t closing for any longer than normal, it’s just that it’s all coming in one go...

If you are thinking of making an order soon for something that has to be made up in our workshop, like a mattress or futon, rather than just taken from stock, then keep these dates in mind as the closer we get to the 20th the less manufacturing slots we will have. Orders are currently taking about 10 days to make up.

If you aren’t in a hurry but want to get ahead of the rush when we re-open in June then let us know before we close and we will put your order into our schedule for the first couple of weeks back - normally we ask for a 20% deposit on ordering but we won’t expect any payments before we are back and open again.