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Emailing Us

October 14, 2014 - 11:12pm

Email's great, it's so quick - in comes an enquiry and out goes our reply, same day if we can. Even if it's quite a complex and individual set of questions (which it often is). Communication complete, hooray!

Except that it's often, in fact far too often, not like that. We always reply to emails. Usually the same day, sometimes next day if we have to get some information together. But always, always within two days. We spend quite a lot of our working time replying to emails. Because of the nature of what we do we get a lot of very specific questions, and that can take some time to think through and respond to. We put a lot of effort into taking time to consider the best advice and suggestions, and we always get back to people.

So then it's very frustrating to hear that people haven't received our return email. Frustrating and disappointing for customers too! It's hard to know how often it happens, because I guess people just don't get back in touch again if they think we haven't bothered to reply to them.

Mostly it seems to be down to over-active spam filtering, so if you haven't heard from us then it's worth checking your spam or junk mailbox. Or your trash. Unfortunately though, it could be that our email gets filtered out before it even gets to your mailboxes. Sometimes, if you contact us via our contact form, and there's a small mistake on typing in the email address, our reply bounces back to us, sometimes straightaway, sometimes days later, (at least then we know it didn't arrive, but we still can't send a reply).

So, if you haven't heard from us within 2 days, latest, something's gone wrong. Please don't give up - check your spam, junk or trash. Forward your email again, or give us a ring. Even better, put your contact number on your email so that we can call you. Please don't think that we can't be bothered to get back to you, it's just not how we work.