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New Year, New Workshop!

January 8, 2014 - 2:43pm

2014 is a year of change for us at Dojo.

After 16 years in our lovely old silk hat factory in Manchester we are about to start a period of refurbishment and building work. We moved into a new workshop between Christmas and New Year and we are going to be here for quite a while. It's been quite an upheaval as we have swapped the industrial landscape of the city for the green rolling hills of the Welsh Borders! During this time our shop will be closed but our manufacturing and sales are going ahead as normal from our new place.

We have tried to keep any disruption to a minimum but there have been some delays in getting phone lines sorted out (Christmas/New Year has proved a somewhat tricky time administratively...) so there are going to be a few days this week where you may not be able to contact us directly and we won't have credit/debit card processing facilities. However you can leave a message on our answer phone, or send us an email.

Warm wishes (our new workshop has a toasty little office!) for a bright and beautiful New Year!