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Shutting Up Shop

April 15, 2009 - 9:05am

We are coming up to our annual shut-down time and are taking orders now for the last of what can be delivered before we close. We always do our best to fit everyone in but in the end it can come down to logistical things like running low on a particular size of filling. As such there is no cut off date, it may just come down to exactly what you want to order. Orders coming in too late for completion before we close will start to be scheduled for when we get back so it’s still worth letting us know in advance as we get pretty booked up with making stuff in our first few weeks back. Or if you don’t speak to us before we close then you can email orders through to us and we’ll contact you when we re-open.

We are off camping in Portugal and while we are closed the answer phone won’t be checked but we will try to pick up and answer emails sporadically!

Oh yes, those dates are - our last day open will be Saturday 25th April and first day back will be 29th May. If this is coming as a bit of a surprise there’s a section under ‘Contact’ where we post up and coming closures well in advance which is always worth checking if you are thinking of making an order for a certain date in the future.

Aikido classes will continue at the Dojo as usual, taught by senior black belts.

Talking about getting away from it all, we just delivered 15 futons to The Yurt Farm in Wales - what an amazing place, lovingly and beautifully created by Thea and Laurie, family and friends. Check them out at