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Fairtrade Cotton Towels

Fairtrade towels

Soft cotton towels made from 100% Fairtrade certified cotton grown by co-operatives of farmers in Mali and Burkina Faso. The cotton is certified to internationally agreed standards and carries the Fairtrade mark, guaranteeing that the farmers receive a price that covers the cost of production and a sustainable livelihood.

Although these towels are not certified organic, all Fairtrade certified cotton is grown with a greater emphasis on the protection of the environment. The use of many harmful chemicals is prohibited and farmers are encouraged to use more natural methods to control pests and improve yield.

5% of all profits made by the supplier are donated to charity Street Child Africa - an organisation that works to give help and hope to the many street children of Africa. You can find out more about the crucial work they do on their website -

The manufacturing process is carried out in Europe and the fabric is eco bleached without the use of chlorine.

The towels are only available in white and we recommend that they are washed a couple of times before use to wash out any loose fibres.

Flannel 30 x 30cm £2.50
Hand 50 x 100cm £8.25
Shower 70 x 140cm £13.75
Bath 100 x 180cm £26.50

Eco Footprint

100% Fairtrade cotton.
Certified by the Fairtrade Foundation
Cotton grown in West Africa
Processed in Europe
Eco bleached without the use of chlorine
5% of company profits are donated to charity