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Organic Futon Overview

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Futon is Japanese for ’bedroll’ and traditional futons are thin, space saving mattresses that can be rolled out directly on to the floor for sleeping and then rolled up for storing during the day. It’s a simple, healthy system and it’s how we’ve slept for years!

If you want to use your futon on the floor you need to roll it up to air it because the natural fillings absorb moisture during the night which is partly why futons (or natural mattresses and bedding) are so comfortable- you won’t feel hot and sticky, especially in the summer. The layers of filling provide a firm, natural support along the length of your back with the added benefit of keeping you warm and cosy in the winter and cool and airy in the summer. Putting your futon onto a slatted bed frame will enable it to air, or you could choose a folding frame to make a chair or sofa.

We make ourg futons from organic cotton fabric and layers of pure, organic British wool felt. We can also add a layer of organic tree sap latex (not synthetic) for extra comfort or coir coconut fibre for a more rigid futon (for a long sofa). We don’t use glues, finishes, synthetics or fire retardant chemicals. Fire retardancy is achieved naturally by the high proportion of wool filling. If your futon is going to be used as a seat we can add a wool rich interliner so that it complies with higher level fire regulations for furniture rather than mattresses.

You can choose between a Traditional, Latex or Coir futon, all give a firm, supportive sleeping surface so it really comes down to personal preference, what you are used to or what you are going to use your futon for.

All the prices are detailed under the individual headings - go back to the main 'Sleep' page and scroll down to the headings for 'Traditional Futon', 'Latex Futon' or 'Coir Futon'.

What customers think... (have a look at our Testimonials page for many more)

"Thank you very much for making the most comfortable futon I’ve ever slept on! Having wonderful nights sleeps...."

"In December we bought two futons from you, one three ft wide and one four foot wide. We are very impressed with your service and the product. You were warm, helpful and friendly, each time we phoned with questions you came back to us with information that was useful and helped us make our decisions without any pressure. When finally we had decided what we wanted you were able to get them to us very quickly despite it being pre-Christmas. Now having slept on the futons for two weeks we are delighted with the comfort and quality of them. We feel so happy and relieved we made the decision we did. Attached is a photo of three of your happy customers using their futons!"

"I appreciate the swiftness of my most recent purchase.  The package arrived the day after payment!  We're almost completely kitted out by you with our new futon and duvet etc. We love the new futon (it's so comfy!) Thanks!!"

"Just to say a very big THANK YOU to all involved in the making of the futon (including the sheep of herefordshire) it is a lovely piece of work and having slept on it I am more than pleased with it - and so is my back."

"Just to thank you very much indeed for the futon. It is beautifully made, and I am delighted with it. It was a great pleasure to find a company that shares many of my environmental and ethical concerns. I hope that you will continue to thrive!
I look forward to ordering from you again in the future."

"Just to let you know I had my parents to stay this weekend so we slept on the futon- it is fabulous, we both slept so well! We look forward to any guests staying now/ or any excuse to sleep downstairs!!"

"We are trying to buy a bed and mattress for our young son and are interested
in your 5 layer springy futon mattress. We bought a 7 layer last year for out teenage son and it is fantastic."

"Just to let you know we received the Futon safe and sound am, as requested.  I thought the choice of packaging was very good as the outer bag was a little torn but the other two protected the contents very well. Having spent the first night on it, also wanted to tell you all  how delighted we are - it fits well and sleeps well, and was well worth waiting for. Thanks again to you all for your helpful, and efficient service. And for producing such a quality product with great ethical credentials at a reasonable price - we can sleep soundly knowing that. Wishing you continued success."

Eco Footprint

GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.
GOTS certified organic cotton thread.
GOTS certified organic British wool.
GOLS certified organic 100% natural latex.
Coconut fibre and natural latex rubber.
Made by us in Welshpool.