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Organic Latex Futon


If you want a futon that is happy to stay flat as a mattress or is flexible enough to roll up but are concerned that the standard traditional futon might be too hard we can add a 100% natural certified organic latex (pure rubber tree sap) core to give some more comfort. Latex is the best natural filling for comfort and long lasting resilience. The futon will still have a firm feel but with a little more 'give' and cushioning - ideal if you sleep on your side.

Latex is a cushioning, supportive layer that conforms to your body shape whether you are lying on your side (where the mattress needs to adjust to your hip and shoulder), back or front. Latex is very flexible and pressure sensitive, it gives where weight is applied and in direct relation to the amount of pressure. The latex we use is a completely natural product (there are products out there called ‘latex’ that are mainly synthetic with only a small proportion of natural latex), it is the purest form of latex we have found and has been approved by the Soil Association for use in organic mattresses and is free from fire retardants.

Natural latex is very different to memory foam which is a synthetic material, isn’t breathable and has a different feel in that you tend to sink into it more. Our natural latex has channels running right through it so that it is a completely breathable layer and doesn’t build up heat, which means that it works in balance with the other natural fillings that we use.

The latex is wrapped in layers of GOTS certified organic British wool felt. A GOTS certified organic cotton cover encloses all the fillings.

The Latex futon with 5 cm core gives this futon a relatively high percentage of latex meaning that it is somewhere between a futon and one of our mattresses in terms of feel. Latex is fantastic for keeping its shape and resilience over a long period of time so that your futon will stay supportive and comfortable for many years.

Although we have our standard dimensions, as we make every futon ourselves we can make to other widths and lengths.

Thickness: 13cm - 14cm (suitable to use as an every night mattress).

Latex Futon with 5cm core of latex

Single 90 x 190cm £545.00
Single 90 x 200cm £545.00
Double 135 x 190cm £775.00
Double 140 x 200cm £775.00
King 150 x 200cm £885.00
King 160 x 200cm £885.00

Delivery cost for most areas -
Single £35.00
Double £40.00
King £45.00

Futon made in a coloured fabric add Single: £15.00 Double: £20.00 King: £25.00
Removable Covers from £75.00 Natural Single, £85.00 Coloured Single, other sizes on request

Flame retardant interliner (70% wool, no FR chemicals) add £25.00
Alternatively we can replace the regular latex with graphite latex.

Eco Footprint

GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.
GOTS certified organic cotton thread.
GOTS certified organic British wool.
100% natural GOLS certified organic latex.
Made by us in Welshpool.