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Lizards and Devils

Lizards & Devils

We’ve had these wonderful animals on our site for a while but only under a general heading which didn’t really do justice to the menagerie you’ll find if you come into our shop. So we thought we would introduce them more individually.

People pretend to buy Barefoot Animals for children, but we know they really take them home for themselves... Is it their fabulous rainbow colours and hand stitched detail or is it that there are so many unusual animals to choose from? Armadillos, frilled neck lizards, thorny devils and tree frogs are a world away from cosy ducks and mice (although we have those too) which is what makes them so interesting. These beautifully made animals have been handmade in a small cottage industry in Sri Lanka since 1958. Each piece is made from start to
finish by the same person from hand woven and eco-dyed cotton and filled with kapok.
Barefoot Animals are safe for children of any age, in case you decide to give one away!

Colours vary wildly, we will try to accommodate requests but can’t guarantee. Sizes are approximate guides as they are such irregular shapes it’s difficult to measure them!

Frilled Neck Lizard Small 17(h)cm £12.70 Large 24(h)cm £17.25
Thorny Devil Large only 20(h)cm £17.25

Eco Footprint

Hand woven and dyed cotton.
Small scale, fair trade production.
Filled with kapok.
Made in Sri Lanka.