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Mattress FAQs



How do I decide which mattress would be right for me?

When we are helping customers to choose a mattress there are a few questions we would ask to find out which of our mattresses would be most suitable. It is helpful to think about the following -

Do you prefer a firm, medium or soft feel mattress?

What do you sleep on already / what sort of mattress are you used to (sprung mattress, memory foam, futon...)?

Is there a reason why you want to change your current mattress (it’s too hard, too soft, you want to move to a mattress without springs...)?

How do you prefer to sleep (front, back, side or, like many people, a bit of all of these...)?

Are your preferences similar or quite different to those of your partner?

What is your approximate weight and build and does this differ greatly from your partner?

Are you sensitive to any materials?

This information, along with any other issues, helps us to direct customers to the best choice of mattress.

The correct mattress is one that gives the right balance between a feeling of comfort and a feeling of support. Too soft and there is not enough support to maintain the correct alignment of your spine. Too firm and there will be too much pressure on your hips and shoulders. The right balance will help you to relax in a good posture and get a great night’s sleep.

Ideally there would be a standard scale that assesses and quantifies ‘firmness’ of mattresses, every mattress manufacturer would use it and we could all know what we are comparing the feel of different mattress to. Such a shame it doesn’t exist!If there is one thing we have found, over the many years of making and selling mattresses and futons, it is that people can vary hugely in their perception of what feels firm, medium or soft so it is always best to talk through the options with us.

The Latex Mattress with Firm density of natural latex (15 cm latex) is our best seller, it is the mattress that most people prefer who come into our shop to try out mattresses.

How do the mattresses compare in terms of firmness?

For most people it is the latex in the mattress that gives a feeling of comfort. It is a cushioning, supportive layer that conforms to your body shape whether you are lying on your side (where the mattress needs to adjust to your hip and shoulder), back or front. Latex is very flexible and pressure sensitive, it gives where weight is applied and in direct relation to the amount of pressure. The latex we use is a completely natural product (there are products out there called ‘latex’ that are mainly synthetic with only a small proportion of natural latex), it is the purest form of latex we have found and has been approved by the Soil Association for use in organic mattresses and is certified organic (GOLS). 100% natural latex is very different to memory foam which is a synthetic material, isn’t breathable and has a different feel in that you tend to sink into it more. Our 100% natural latex has channels running right through it so that it is a completely breathable layer and doesn’t build up heat, which means that it works in balance with the other natural fillings that we use. It is also moulded into a 7 zone pattern to give slightly different support across the length of the mattress to accommodate the variation in weight of head, shoulders, hips etc.

We make 4 different mattresses which differ in terms of how much latex they contain - the more latex the ‘softer’ the mattress. Having said that, none of the standard mattresses we make are soft! We have one firm to hard mattress (the Wool Natural Mattress, with 5 cm latex core), two firm mattresses (the Coir Natural Mattress and the Latex Natural Mattress with Firm Density Latex ) and one medium mattress (the Latex Natural Mattress with medium density latex). Each of these contains increasing amounts of latex, until you get to the Latex Mattress with different densities of latex - Firm and Medium.

So on a scale of 1 - 4 with 1 as the firmest -

1 (Firm-Hard) The Wool Natural Mattress, Latex Core (5 cm Latex)
2 (Firm) The Coir Natural Mattress (10 cm Latex)
3 (Firm) The Latex Natural Mattress, Firm (15 cm Firm Density Latex)
4 (Medium) The Latex Natural Mattress, Medium (15 cm Medium Density Latex)

It is worth knowing that fibre filled natural mattresses tend to feel firmer than metal sprung mattresses because they have filling right the way through them and so have a denser consistency. The advantage of fibre sprung mattresses is that they truly support at every point in the mattress because there is filling acting at every part, unlike a sprung mattress where the support varies depending on where the springs are. It’s a bit like a natural fibre mattress contains thousands of springs!

What would be best for a child who is moving up to a single bed?

We would usually recommend a full adult size/depth mattress for a child although we can make to junior sizes and also thinner mattresses for frames such as bunk beds where a maximum depth is specified. Although it may seem a bit excessive to buy a full thickness mattress for a younger child it is often the most economical option as the mattresses will last 15 - 20 years and your child will be able to continue to use their mattress into adulthood. We would normally advise the Natural Latex Mattress (15 cm Latex) with Medium or Firm density of latex for this purpose (call us or email us if you want further advice on which of the two to choose).

Can you make different size mattresses?

We make all our mattresses here in our workshop in Welshpool and so we are happy to customise sizes. However, we do order in some of our fillings, such as the latex and coir-latex, already cut to our standard dimensions of 90 cm (single), 140 cm (double) and 160 cm (king) width and 200 cm length, which means that we will normally cut these fillings down to suit a custom size. It does mean that the cost is the same as for the larger size and we do charge a small cutting fee for the work involved (£10.00 per change in width or length). So, for example, a mattress 130cm x 200 cm would be charged as a 140 cm x 200 cm plus a £10.00 cutting fee.

After many years of making mattresses for customers who already have a bed frame we never go by the terms ‘standard’ but always ask customers to measure their bed frame, or check sizes if they have one on order, so that we can make to the appropriate size!

Do you make a Superking size?

We don’t make a superking size (180 cm x 200 cm) mattress as one unit. Natural fibre filled mattresses are pretty much the heaviest mattresses because they have filling right the way through, unlike a sprung mattress. Although they don’t need to be turned very often, a 180 cm x 200 cm mattress is just too big and heavy to manufacture, transport and care for in a way that keeps the mattress in great condition. So we make any size over 160 cm as two mattresses side by side. This way you can make up any width you want. We have done this for a number of customers and it works well (in fact we sleep on a mattress like this).

The cost of a super king is therefore the cost of 2 x single (90 cm) mattresses We do suggest that a single 180 cm width mattress protector is used so that there is a complete top layer to the mattress. Alternatively we can make a zip-over top cover that encloses the 2 mattresses which keeps the mattresses in place tightly together, means that there is no gap between them and acts as a mattress protector that can be removed and machine washed. For a super king size in cream organic cotton it is £90.00.

Can you make a mattress for 2 people who have different comfort preferences?

Just as we can make larger width mattresses by making up 2 mattresses that lie side by side, we can also do this for customers who want two different mattress fillings. So you can ask for a mattress split into 2 with a firm filling on one side and a medium on the other, for example. This also works well for people who are very sensitive to movement in the mattress if their partner turns, although in general fibre filled mattresses have very little amplification of movement compared to sprung mattresses. Natural fibre mattresses act like tiny springs at every point of contact, they are ideal if there is quite a difference in weight or size between you and your partner, or if you don’t like to feel movement through the mattress.

We have also made up mattresses in sections for particular circumstances such as narrow boats, camper vans, shepherds huts etc.

Can you make a mattress without wool?

We use organic wool as a natural fire retardant layer, so that our mattresses pass British Standards for fire safety without having to use any fire retardant chemicals. Wool is also a fantastic fibre for adding comfort both mechanically and in the way that it wicks moisture away from the surface of the mattress so that it feels cool and dry even in the summer.

However, for customers who want a mattress without wool we can substitute the wool layers for organic cotton wadding - just ask us for details.

Prolana Mattresses

We make our own mattresses. We think they are great and so do lots of our lovely customers - take a look at our testimonials! But we have also made some great partnerships with other manufacturers over the years, and Prolana is one of them. We have stocked their duvets, pillows, mattress overlays and protectors, spelt cushions and kids toys for many years and they make up bedding in UK sizes for us.

We are a supplier for the range of Prolana mattresses. Sometimes customers have had a particular Prolana mattress before, or had a personal recommendation for one. Sometimes there is a Prolana mattress that fulfils a specification that our own mattresses don’t.

We don’t have the prices on our web site, but just contact us if you would like us to quote for any Prolana mattress.

How heavy are your mattresses?

Natural mattresses have filling all the way through, and these fillings are quite heavy compared to synthetics such as foam and polyester, or to springs and air, so our mattresses are quite heavy! A single mattress weighs about 25 kg, a double about 30 kg and a king size about 35 kg. Your mattress won’t need turning often, but when it does it is a 2 person job for most people.

How long will the mattress last?

General advice is that a good mattress should last at least 10 years if properly cared for (using it as a trampoline isn’t recommended!). However we know plenty of customers who have been using our mattresses for far longer than that - 15 to 20 years isn’t unusual. The latex is fantastic for keeping its shape and resilience over a long period of time so that your mattress will stay supportive and comfortable for many years, and for that reason we suggest that your mattress should last 15 years if it contains a certain proportion of latex filling. The more latex in the mattress, the more you can expect the mattress to retain its shape.

As fibre filled mattresses like ours don’t contain springs there isn’t really any part of the mattress that will ‘fail’ over time. If the metal springs in a conventional mattress lose their spring then there isn’t really much else to give support, just a lot of empty space, whereas in a fibre filled mattress there is filling right the way through the thickness of the mattress.

How can I try out your mattresses?

You can call in to our workshop in Welshpool. As this is primarily a manufacturing workshop it is by appointment only, but we do have all our types of mattresses to try out.

We don’t operate a wholesale structure and we don’t sell through other shops, it’s the way we manage to keep our prices low as we effectively retail at wholesale prices. However that does mean that you can only actually try out the different mattresses in our workshop in Welshpool. We do have customers coming from all over the country to do just that, but we do understand that for many people it isn’t practical. We can send out samples of the mattresses (40 x 40 cm) for comparisons. Samples are £35.00 each, this is a deposit which is completely refundable (whether you buy a mattress or not) when we receive the samples back. There is a non-refundable delivery charge for samples which is usually £8.95.

What sort of warranty do you offer?

We guarantee our mattresses for 15 years, although we expect them to last longer than this - plenty do! This guarantee covers manufacturing defects and doesn’t cover fair wear and tear or damage through unreasonable use, whether accidental or intentional.

Do you deliver?

We use a national carrier service for our mattresses. We arrange a delivery day that will suit you and send on a morning service so that you won't have to wait in all day. Delivery is normally Monday - Friday, but there is an option to choose a Saturday delivery. For most areas (contact us to check) the cost is £25.00 for a single mattress, £30.00 for a double mattress and £35.00 for a king size mattress.

How long does delivery take?

We don’t tend to keep mattresses in stock and make up each one to order. The lead time is usually 10 days with delivery arranged for the following most convenient day. In some areas the carrier doesn’t deliver every day and so that can extend the lead time by a few days. If we can we will make up more quickly, especially if you have a date that you need the mattress by, just ask us.

Can I change my order?

As much as we can we will try to accommodate any changes to orders, we are a small company and try to be quite flexible in our approach. Let us know as soon as possible though, especially if your order involves custom sizing.

What is your Return Policy?

We make every effort to make sure that our customers choose the right mattress and are happy with what we have made. We have 1000’s of customers who are. However, if you have tried your mattress for a while and aren’t happy with it we can’t take it back as an used product. It would be totally unethical of us to sell on any mattress, or use fillings, that have been slept on.

If you realise straightaway that it is not the mattress for you then you can return a mattress to us if it is a standard size item (90 x 200 cm, 140 x 200 cm, 160 x 200 cm) and only if it is unused and in perfect condition. We will refund the mattress cost minus a £20.00 fee and the outward and return carriage charge. If the mattress has been custom made then we would discuss each case individually.

Do remember it can take up to a month to get used to the feel of a new / different mattress!

Do you make bed frames?

No, we did for many years but as we became busier and busier with futon and mattress orders we had to make a decision about how best to use the space of our workshop and it just didn’t make sense to continue with our woodworking shop.

What sort of frame should I have for your mattresses?

A slatted frame is ideal as the spaces between the slats allow the underside of the mattress to air. As our mattresses contain no foams, plastics or synthetic barriers they are porous, which works brilliantly to wick away any moisture you lose in the night and stops you from feeling hot and sweaty. It does mean that the easiest way to keep your mattress aired is to have it on a slatted base so that air can circulate under it.

We recommend that the slats have a space between of about 5 cm to give best balance between supporting and airing the mattress. If the gaps are much wider then it might be worth putting an underlay (you can buy these, but you can also use a cotton or wool blanket) between the mattress and slats. Remember that the type of slats on your frame will have an effect on the feel of the mattress - solid wood slats will give a firmer support, whilst laminated (these often have a slight upward curve) wooden slats will bend and make the mattress feel a little softer and springier.

We have also had a number of customers using our mattresses directly on the floor, either as a temporary solution or a long term choice. This is fine so long as you check that the mattress isn’t becoming damp underneath. You may need to turn it more regularly if it is used on the floor. We sleep on one of our mattresses on a couple of woven tatami mats on the floor.

Why are your prices cheaper than other, similar mattresses?

It’s true, in most cases our prices are significantly lower than our competitors, and the materials we use are often superior - certified organic cotton fabric as opposed to conventional cotton for instance.

We make and sell directly, we don’t operate a 2 tier wholesale and retail price structure - you are buying from us at what would be our wholesale price (if we had one!). We are just a small business, we don’t want to be the biggest, but we do try to give our best... We don’t add anything in to our prices, delivery is extra for instance. We own our own workshop and are careful to keep our overheads down. Where we can we source locally and cut down on expensive freight costs. Advertising is very expensive, as are brochures and publicity. We are unusual in that we don’t often advertise, we prefer to let word about us spread a bit more organically by recommendation. We choose the best materials, in many cases the same materials, from the same sources, as our competitors, and we earn what we need to live, but we live a simple life!

We are honest about the materials we use and don’t use misleading terms like ‘organic’ when talking about non (certified) organic fillings or fabrics. When we say we don’t use chemical fire retardants we mean it, we only add graphite, a natural mineral to comply with FR regulations. The pure latex that we use is a cream colour. If you aren’t sure about any aspects of fillings, fabrics, manufacture or comparisons then give us a ring or email us with any questions.

Eco Footprint

GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.
GOTS certified organic British wool.
100% GOLS certified organic natural latex.
Coconut fibre and 100% natural latex.
Made by us in Welshpool.