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Natural & Organic Mattress

Natural & Organic Mattress

Ok, so this isn’t a new product, but we were making this mattress and thought it looked so lovely and comfy and luxurious (which of course it is!) that I couldn’t resist taking a photo. Our mattress making table is next to the ‘wood wall’ which divides our workshop and shop. Over the winter it’s an ever-changing display as wood goes from it to the stove and new wood comes in from the yard to dry. This table is where the mattresses are finished off with hand tufting - mattress tufts with felt washers are pushed through the mattress with a huge sprung needle (not for the fainthearted, but Jon’s a brave bloke) so that all the layers are held in place. It’s the final stage that pulls the mattress all together and always ends with us standing back and taking a moment to appreciate how nice it is to work with such wonderful natural materials.
We make three types of mattress - a firm-hard, a firm-springy and a medium feel.
Take a look at the first page in the ‘Sleep’ section for more details and a complete list of prices.

Natural and Organic Mattresses -
90 x 190cm £715.00
90 x 200cm £715.00
135 x 190cm £990.00
140 x 200cm £990.00
150 x 200cm £1120.00
160 x 200cm £1120.00

Eco Footprint

GOTS certified organic British wool
GOTS certified organic cotton
100% natural GOLS certified organic latex
Natural coir fibre
Made by us in Welshpool