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Naturally Coloured Bathmats


We were really pleased to discover these bathmats, we hadn’t been able to find any and then we found two at once, in thick naturally coloured organic cotton too! The waffle one has a densely looped middle section with a band of waffle weave at either end. Made up in cream cotton with coffee blanket stitch detail right round the edge. The cotton flower one is densely looped throughout with a large cotton flower design in coffee and cream, reversed on the back.
These mats could be used as a mini cotton rug elsewhere in the house.
We also have bathrobes, towels, blankets and throws from the same range.

Waffle Mat 50 x 70cm £14.00
Waffle only now available

Eco Footprint

Organic cotton.
Made in Portugal.
Naturally coloured cotton so no dye processing.