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Organic Fabric


We use lots of different fabrics in our workshop, mainly organic cotton and linen. We know how difficult it can be to buy small quantities for home use, so we are happy to supply any of our fabrics by the metre - these are fabrics we use for mattresses, futons and cushions so tend to be heavier weight. We don't have lighter weight clothing fabrics. Continuity of supply can be difficult with organic textiles so our selection is ever changing, just ask us for our current swatch.

Organic Fabric from £5.15

We always have an organic cotton canvas in stock. This is a straightforward, unbleached, cream coloured fabric in a good hardwearing finish and 310g/m² weight. It is 160cm wide and £15.00 per metre. It's the fabric we use for our futons. We usually have reasonably sized offcuts of this fabric and although we use a lot of these ourselves we have started putting some to one side for customers. These pieces are at least 4 metres long and a minimum of 55cm wide. We are selling them by the piece at £7.50, so if these sizes work for your project (they are good for cushions, aprons etc.) then you can make a saving of 60% on the standard price.

Eco Footprint

Organic fabrics.
Fairtrade or fairly traded.
Cotton, linen, hemp and wool.